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Birthdate:Nov 14
Location:United States of America
I can't believe I'm back, but here goes.

Epidemiologist, knitter, cat slave, aikidoka, delightfully batty anxious ball of string. I was an_kayoh on LJ, participating only in SGA fandom, for which I wrote approximately 4.5 drabbles. Prolific I am not. I am Mauri on Goodreads.

She/her pronouns, but won't bite if they/their is used instead.

Content consumer, rather than content creator (unless you count the knitting). I endeavor to comment. Currently MCU trash, but I tend to rotate through fandoms on a 4-6 month basis. 2018 has been good for: CSI, Harry Potter, and now MCU. I talk obliquely about my work and aikido and I Have Thoughts about comics.

This blog is a Nazi/Anti-Semite/Racist/TERF-free zone. Get the fuck off my lawn.
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