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The TV is nice enough to give me my horoscope every morning, right before I head out the door. The channel I watch ranks all twelve signs in order of luck for the day. Originally, I was just using it for reading practice and fun, but December, I noticed that it was really good at predicting when the car would break down. Like, if Scorpio was 12th on the list, I was going to be spending some time stuck in various parking lots.

Today, Scorpio was 12th and the horoscope warned about the pressure from upcoming events and to remember that it was important to know when to say no. Caught up in wondering what this might mean for my meeting this afternoon, I didn't really notice when it became hard to turn the steering wheel - I assumed I had run up onto a pile of snow. Then it did it again as I turned out of my neighborhood.

Ruh roh.

On the other hand, there is a reason I have an envelope full of cash hidden somewhere labelled 'For when the %^&$ing car breaks again'.


Jan. 18th, 2012 03:42 pm
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1. Managed to get 4 steps today instead of three, but it was not worth it. I just finished a minute ago and it was a crappy showing on that last one. Ah, well. I continue to be the All-Knowing when it comes to differentiating between on and kun readings and the All-Failing when it comes to figuring out what it wants when it offers me just the reading. Unless it's the kun reading and then I am there.

2. Day I Have Lost Count But That Is What My Sticker Chart Is For out of 28 of no Coca Cola. I would give anything to have one right now.

3. Tomorrow is 'Divvy-Up the ALT' Day, when all the teachers come to the BoE and figure out who gets me when for the next two months or so (until the end of the school-year).

I got the basic school schedule this afternoon, which tells me when the holidays (the official ones, not including the ones the students get off extra*) are and when graduation is. There was immediate consternation because they had told me that the junior high graduation would be on one day and all three elementary schools would be on another day. There was much discussion because they wanted me to go to the biggest elementary school, where I don't know most of their names and would be lost in a sea of parents. I wanted to go to one of my smaller schools, because 1) I do know all of the sixth graders names and 2) I actually like them.

In the end I couldn't decide which small school to choose over the other, so I resigned myself to the larger school's graduation ceremony and writing cards for my smaller school students.

In reality, the big school graduation is on one day, the smaller schools' on another. So now I really do have to pick one. Blast.

*Sidenote - I wish I had figured this out sooner during the fall term. I go to the junior high on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday depending on the schedule (which I don't learn until the Friday of the week before) - and sometimes they have random days off, like if they have a weekend festival or event. If I know in advance, I can arrange some three-day weekends for myself without inconveniencing anyone.
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Okay, let's try this.

1. The review book I'm using for the Kanken is divided into 'steps'. I'm doing three a day to be done by this Sunday, so I can spend next week taking practice exams. Every day, usually around the time I finish the first workbook, I think "maybe today I can finish four steps". Each one takes me about 50 minutes (most of this is taken up by battling with anki), so this is totally doable.

Except...except, every afternoon I get started on the third one and...ugh. Translate some fic...make anki flashcards...check Ravelry...practice stroke order...gaze vacantly into space...repeat. The third step of the day always takes at least 2-3 times as long.

Point of fact, I should be working on it right now.

A fourth step? Ugh ugh ugh.

2. I'm glad my supervisor lives with his mother, since he has some odd ideas about nutrition.

Supervisor: At the winter festival, this Sunday?
Me: Yes?
Supervisor: There will be free soba for lunch.
Me: Oh, good.
Supervisor: But only soba. You'd better bring rice ball.

Right. We're only going to be fed a bowl of carbs and salt, so I should remember to bring another ball of carbs wrapped around a tablespoon of fish.


Sep. 3rd, 2010 07:43 pm
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If I've added you it's probably because I followed you here from LiveJournal, where I am an_kayoh.

I don't post here yet. I like to think of it as my cabin on the edge of a cliff in the Canadian wilderness, kept as a fallback for the zombie apocalypse. It's mostly here for reassurance and for when LJ finally does something unforgivable (to me, at least).


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